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Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Nhl Avery Laughs Off Hooking Allegations Kristin Davis

Kristin Davis

" This assertion is false and diffamatoria, " Avery has said the daily news, than according to as reported they have obtained a data base that lists 2,000 people connected to Davis operations. is convinced that you open them Fool the day of s has arrived all beginning of quest year and the Rangers more superpest it is more than less than made an impression. Avery has made the front page to New York during fine the week after that the daily news has marked the player the name and the number of s have been found in the black book of the mrs. " I was not never a customer, neither of some prostitute." Us it can be something to Avery refutation of s. Recently arrested of Manhattan. Avery according to as reported it is planning to cite the newspaper.. , lawyer to Davis, has said Newsday Sunday that it has never had all the contact with Avery and has not declared its sideboard that the News& #039 daily; the data base is not authentic. The slid week, Davis has attracted l attention when New York Post has marked that the precedence made regolator to fall in misfortune of New York was one of Davis customers.

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