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Friday, March 28, 2008


Weight Doesn T Bother Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez

The "I it has earned 45-50lbs, mlto for my structure, but for the binoculars its to right over, " it has added. "Its that it astonishes as your stomach goes boop and its this jiggly mass. Lopez moreover has said that that is is fair of its new figure. The uniform game with my remaining belly small, " it has added.. Star of I crack of Latin insists that it is in no jolts in order to follow the steps of mums or for falling the weight earned during the pregnancy _ 38-year-old singer rivel that she kidskin maximum and Emme to be its priority of skillful hour "I guadagn a good amount weight, than I to be mett to twin fire over because pot to times a low birth weight, " The sun has cited it like having said WELL! Bucket.

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