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Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Kim Kardashian And Reggie Bush Fun In The Sun

Kim Kardashian

With their constant time with and the romantiche departures elemosina the question when they are that they go already to the elope and to the just tie the node? mwear.. When youre a rich and famous star of truth TV, or the captive screw of NFL for that matter, being necessary a managing week and to the Caribbeanses is less approximately "if" and more approximately "when." And and its boyfriend have decided those "when" it is hour "Keeping in on with the Kardashians" babe and its hunk of saint de the New Orleans sun of the Dominican Republic has been spotted on impregnated sands more soon that this week that seems fabulous in theirs swi Kim has carried a black one to two pieces, white man and the bikini blue while has shown outside of its curves voluptuous, while Reggie has exposed its gazillion-packs the ABS in a connection of the shorts long of swim.

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