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Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Kidman Up For Favourite At Astra Awards Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman

(but) I do not have expectations, " Kidman has said . In spite of being the favorite, it has said it to Kidman wasn t sure of conquest still. " It beautiful surprise of the S.A. " It s be fun." Today& #039 moreover of domination; the nominations of s were actuator of the veteran, that it is in on for three prizes comprised favorite personality male. It says for the first time that it hopes to begin to shoot a third series in according to semestre, quickly after its sister older is believed that gives to the light, in june. A former presentatore of the nine nets has taken two nominations for its Australia search of crime of crime series, but lacking outside on the designation for the favorite personality male.. " Gradico hardly the children and the reunion the braces, " Said Kidman, of which the children they vary nell age from nearly one, to nine years.

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