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Friday, March 14, 2008


Certifigate Upgrading The Jennifer Lopez Pink

Jennifer Lopez

The group has sold the stone (through the mediators) to the X. The has classified it like operated color rose, but it was one called cracked (that is some selezionatori still have seen larancio). While in the possession dellazienda of Xs, the diamond was still king-cuts to the 6,10 carats that Lopez has received. Then it was king- has cut down to 6.78 carats and still it has obtained certifyd like operated color rose. Initially the stone was in the hands of an European group (directed from the T.). This last modernization has been transformato in in a point of the conflict, with the players in the commerce who have seen of stone believing that the fraudulent degree was obtained and the match of doesnt the stone.. The stone was originally an operated color orange rose with a weight of 6.97 carats. The final certificate has read to the operated color intense rose, than it it hardly renders very more important of the operated color rose. Lopez has given back the diamond to indent 6.10-carat of new to Affleck, than it had bought it in 2002 (for $1,2 million the pure one). Why we were fortunate? There are strong indications that listituto of stones Gemological of the dellAmerica degree of color (GIA) can fraudulent be obtained. Mega-mega-actress that of day it has broken the its coupling Very Affleck could be sad for ill-fated Govern-non-$$$-, but it can be a fortunate day for lindustria of the diamond. Then it has taken it warehouse straight of new to the in which it had bought it. Obtaining it newly within the market it would allow to have other look the stone and to obtain an adapted certificate, if needed. [ the complete name is with the editors ], an important supplier to Harry Winston.

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