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Saturday, February 23, 2008


Who S One Of Lil Kim S Ghostwriters

Lil Kim

Beyond to the operation with Lil Kim, moreover is working to a plan for kidskin.. Lalbum, made from , , and is regulated in order to hit the iTunes and to store consoles soon. After the loss of their LP, the group still it is going strong. "Thats why they call it that it writes on behalf daltri, " it has joked before leaving them within on a "I will give to you one." the "I it has written hardly some joints for new [ album.]" It isnt before the time hes made this for Kim, a "I has made five joints for its last ms GOAT, " of the mixtape; it has added. The eMC it is generating lentusiasmo in many circles as far as the release of their imminent plan of the group. recently has spoken directly we about the group, its own writing activities on behalf daltri and the imminent programs for a kids show. Once asked who it writes on behalf daltri for, the punzone it has given to the usual answer.

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