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Monday, December 17, 2007


Alycia Lane

On this morning, and discussed their longtime friendship. They both grew up in , , they both attended (Anderson was one year ahead of Underwood), and they both went to for college. Underwood was apparently something of a matchmaker for Anderson and his wife, Lisa.

"Other than political pork, I don't understand why doesn't close those places down," said of the on and in , Calif. Dr. Krisberg and others frequently cite the model of smaller, home-like facilities. recently announced that it would remove as many as 1,000 inmates from its state youth prisons, returning them to county jails and treatment centers. But Texas legislators have said they would not drastically change 's institutional setup. And dismissed the need for widespread prison .

Alycia Lane is scheduled to appear on TV tomorrow night in "," an annual special highlighting holiday cheer in the .

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